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Personalized Holiday 2019 Gifts for Her

If you’re looking for memorable and special gifts for the women you care about, you’ve come to the right place. Use our master list of personalized gifts for her to choose the perfect gift for your girl this holiday season.

Published on 12/12/19 Read Article
Personalized 2019 Holiday Gifts for Him

If you’re looking for memorable and special gifts for the men you care about, you’ve come to the right place. Use our master list of personalized gifts for him to choose the perfect gift for your guy this holiday season. Visit us next week for our master list of personalized gifts for her, composed of all the right presents to make the women in your life smile!

Published on 12/09/19 Read Article
The 4 Most Popular Employee Recognition Awards for the End of the Year

Gifting your employees with end of the year awards is sure to make them feel special. Giving custom engraved awards lets your employees know that their hard work during the year did not go unnoticed. Being honored and appreciated in the workplace is undeniably an uplifting feeling! When their hard work and dedication is recognized, employees are motivated to do even better the next year

Published on 12/03/19 Read Article
Personalized Kitchenware for Thanksgiving 2019

The final weeks of November are officially upon us. There’s a crisp chill outside and colorful leaves are floating all around. Everywhere you go, the warm scents of pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon fill the air. Football games play nonstop on the TV at home as friends and family cozy up around the fireplace. The classic signs of Thanksgiving surround us, bringing feelings of joy and appreciation… and perhaps some feelings of hunger for delicious Thanksgiving FOOD!

Published on 11/19/19 Read Article
Spelling Bee Awards for Winning Word Masters

As she reaches the stage, there’s some tension in the air. The word is given and she deliberately spells it out, letter by letter and releases a sigh of relief. After a brief pause, the judges confirm that she is correct. Elation takes over and she has mastered the challenge. A celebration is in order and we have the custom medals and trophies worthy of a champion!

Published on 11/01/19 Read Article
Warm Drinks for a Wonderful Winter

Hard to believe but cold weather is right around the corner. Pretty soon, you’ll be turning on the heat, bundling up in front to the fireplace, maybe even enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa. How would you like to take that warm, delicious sensation anywhere? At K2 Awards, we have a new selection of tumblers that will let you enjoy these fabulous warm drink recipes wherever you go.

Published on 10/23/19 Read Article
Show Your Support with an Awareness Award

Behind the success of every cause are a large number of employees, advocates and volunteers that make its mission a success. At K2 Awards, we have a wonderful selection of medals and trophies perfect for celebrating their accomplishments.

Published on 10/18/19 Read Article
Stunning Acrylic Awards for 2019

How do you find a high quality custom business award without breaking the bank? At K2 Awards, we have a solution with our new collection of acrylic awards any winner will be proud to receive and display.

Published on 09/30/19 Read Article
Bring the Bling with Our New Fantasy Awards

Add some style and splash to your fantasy sports games with our new fantasy awards!

Published on 09/24/19 Read Article
Spooktacular Trophies for a Memorable Halloween

You know fall is officially here when the leaves start to turn, the weather cools down and people start thinking about Halloween. With trick-or-treating, parties, decorating, planning costumes and other festivities, there is excitement in the air. Maybe you want to up the ante, have a costume contest, reward the scariest prank or have the ultimate party. Why not add a little competitive edge to those events with custom Halloween trophies? We have a magnificent selection, one of which will be perfect for you!

Published on 09/17/19 Read Article
Liven Up Fall Ball with Youth Baseball Trophies

Time to get ready for fall ball, the time when little sluggers everywhere gear up for the big season! Players work hard improving their game so why not reward them with a custom youth baseball trophy? At K2 Awards, we have an awesome selection of kid-friendly baseball trophies perfect for your players.

Published on 08/29/19 Read Article
Drama Awards Worthy of a Standing Ovation

We believe that one should never underestimate the power of a great performance. At K2 Awards, we have medals and trophies ideal for honoring those who make it happen.

Published on 08/19/19 Read Article