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Unique Cup Awards for 2019

With so many different kinds of awards to choose from, there is one that is the ultimate symbol of winning and good for just about any event. We’re talking about trophy cups and nothing says victory quite like a custom trophy cup!

Published on 06/14/19 Read Article
Custom Swimming Awards that Stand Out

As your swimming team gears up for a successful summer season, you want to give them something special for all their hard work. With so many awards to choose from, why not give them something memorable and unique? At K2 Awards & Apparel, we have swimming medals, plaques and trophies that are easier than ever to customize.

Published on 06/07/19 Read Article
Bargain Swimming Awards for Your Team

Your swimming team is ready to give it their all and take on the competition. They have been perfecting their strokes, increasing their speed and enhancing their technique. For all that they do, your swimming team deserves a quality swimming award.

Published on 05/27/19 Read Article
Premium Crystal Awards for Executives

Behind every successful company, corporation or organization are the men and women who go the extra mile to ensure that they’re at the top of their game. When your top executives dedicate themselves to nothing short of excellence, they deserve the best.

Published on 05/23/19 Read Article
Celebrate Your All-Star Players with Custom Awards & Apparel

Every season, young players work hard to master the game and give it their all. Out of all those players, there are those who stand out above the rest. We’re talking about the all-star players. They successfully hone their skills on the field to receive this honor and now it’s time to celebrate their achievement. In addition to our trophies, medals and plaques, we have the gear you need to honor your all-stars and make this season memorable.

Published on 05/21/19 Read Article
New Swimming Trophies & Medals for 2019

A new competitive swimming season is here and your team is ready to rule the pool! After the hard work they put in working on their butterfly stroke and perfecting their speed, they deserve a high quality award.

Published on 05/17/19 Read Article
New Youth Soccer Trophies for 2019

Kids all over the country are gearing up for soccer season this spring, ready to take the field and declare victory. The beginning of a new game season is full of excitement and K2 Awards & Apparel have a brand new selection of soccer trophies for 2019!

Published on 05/15/19 Read Article
Brand New Softball Awards for 2019

Players have been prepping, practicing their swing and gearing up for the big games ahead. Softball season is here and they’re ready to get out there! For their hard work and future victories, K2 Awards & Apparel has an exciting selection of brand new Softball Awards for 2019. With our brand new softball trophies and medals, we have just the thing for your winning team.

Published on 05/13/19 Read Article
Celebrate Baseball Season with Sale Baseball Trophies

You’ve been waiting all year and now it’s time to get out on the field! That’s right, baseball season is finally here. Whether you’re coaching your child’s little league team, playing for your company’s baseball team or are simply an enthusiast, we’ve got the perfect custom baseball trophy for you. And best of all? You can save even more with our vast selection of sale trophies.

Published on 05/09/19 Read Article
10 Great Trophies for Coach Pitch Little League

Now that baseball season is here, it’s time for kids to show their stuff out on the field. Little league is a popular American pastime and a great way for kids to be active. But what about little kids just starting out? How do you get them ready to make those home runs?

Published on 04/29/19 Read Article
Sensational Custom Apparel for Spring

With spring finally here, the weather is nice and you’re feeling good. Isn’t it only natural that you want to look good too? With our wide selection of custom spring apparel, K2 Awards & Apparel make it easier than ever! Whether you’re looking for new team uniforms, t-shirts to celebrate your event, customized corporate apparel or just something personalized and fun, we have just what you’re looking for!

Published on 04/25/19 Read Article
Graduation Awards for the Class of 2019

Spring is officially here and it is a time of new beginnings. And for many young people, that means graduation. As they walk across the stage, receive their diplomas and begin to venture out into the world, K2 Awards & Apparel has a wonderful new selection of awards to mark this significant milestone.

Published on 04/23/19 Read Article