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Bring the Bling with Our New Fantasy Awards

Add some style and splash to your fantasy sports games with our new fantasy awards!

Published on 09/24/19 Read Article
Spooktacular Trophies for a Memorable Halloween

You know fall is officially here when the leaves start to turn, the weather cools down and people start thinking about Halloween. With trick-or-treating, parties, decorating, planning costumes and other festivities, there is excitement in the air. Maybe you want to up the ante, have a costume contest, reward the scariest prank or have the ultimate party. Why not add a little competitive edge to those events with custom Halloween trophies? We have a magnificent selection, one of which will be perfect for you!

Published on 09/17/19 Read Article
Liven Up Fall Ball with Youth Baseball Trophies

Time to get ready for fall ball, the time when little sluggers everywhere gear up for the big season! Players work hard improving their game so why not reward them with a custom youth baseball trophy? At K2 Awards, we have an awesome selection of kid-friendly baseball trophies perfect for your players.

Published on 08/29/19 Read Article
Drama Awards Worthy of a Standing Ovation

We believe that one should never underestimate the power of a great performance. At K2 Awards, we have medals and trophies ideal for honoring those who make it happen.

Published on 08/19/19 Read Article
Let’s Hear it for New 2019 Cheerleading Awards

When it comes to the big games, it’s the cheerleaders who really fire up the crowd. With their athletic skill and grace, they deserve an award just for them. K2 Awards has an amazing selection of awards, one of which will be perfect for you.

Published on 08/13/19 Read Article
Celebrate School Spirit with a Mascot Award

Now that back-to-school time is fast approaching, there are so many things to look forward to. There are new teachers, new people and let’s not forget cheering on your very own team. School sports and pep rallies are a great way to show your school spirit. But let’s not forget those who fire up the crowd, motivate the players and bring fun to the game. We’re talking about the mascots, the ultimate symbol of school spirit. Don’t they deserve an award of their own? K2 Awards certainly thinks so and that’s why we offer a great selection of awards perfect for honoring mascots who embody school spirit!

Published on 08/08/19 Read Article
Sneak Peek at 2019 Football Trophies

Whether you’re part of an amateur league or coaching the high school football team, K2 Awards has a great selection of custom football trophies to choose from.

Published on 07/30/19 Read Article
Go Back to School in Style with Custom Backpacks

Back to school time is almost here and you'll be going to class in style with K2 Awards' custom embroidered backpacks!

Published on 07/24/19 Read Article
Honoring a Loved One with a Memorial Garden

Whether it be a devoted family member, beloved pet or generous philanthropist, creating a memorial garden is a wonderful way to pay tribute. Not only does it serve as a reminder to the one who passed, a memorial garden provides a quiet, peaceful space where you can be renewed and inspired. What better way to honor a loved one?

Published on 07/18/19 Read Article
Stunning Sports Crystal Trophies Available Now

Success in sports takes a lot of skill, hard work and dedication. With all that they bring to the game, don’t you want to give your players the best? With our collection of sports crystal awards, you can give something embodying beauty and elegance at a price you can afford.

Published on 07/10/19 Read Article
Celebrate Summer with Custom Drink Tumblers

Summer is at its peak and it’s a great time to enjoy all kinds of activities. Whether you’re at the company picnic, family cookout or enjoying an outdoor concert, refreshments are definitely in order. At K2 Awards, we have a terrific selection of tumblers in different styles, sizes and colors, one of which will be perfect for you!

Published on 07/08/19 Read Article
US Women’s Soccer Team Inspiring Young Female Athletes

It’s a hot summer and the US Women’s World Cup soccer team is burning up the field! They battled it out with Spain and then France and now they’re on their way to the semi-finals. With the final game coming up, people from all over the world wait in anticipation to see who will achieve the ultimate victory. This is an inspiration to players everywhere, especially for young girls learning to master the game. At K2 Awards, we have trophies and medals perfect for your future champions!

Published on 07/03/19 Read Article