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By Joanne McKann, Published 04/29/2019

Now that baseball season is here, it’s time for kids to show their stuff out on the field. Little league is a popular American pastime and a great way for kids to be active. But what about little kids just starting out? How do you get them ready to make those home runs? Within little league baseball, there are divisions based on age. Most young children start out with t-ball and then go on to coach pitch.

What exactly is coach pitch? It is a scaled down version of the actual game where the coach throws the ball to the hitter at close range. The throw is gentler than what is done in an actual baseball game. The purpose of coach pitch is to allow kids to develop the skills necessary to succeed in a real game of baseball. Ages may vary somewhat but typically, coach pitch is aimed at children between the ages of five and eight.

As young hitters master the game, how to you reward their efforts? K2 Awards has a terrific selection of baseball trophies perfect for celebrating their achievements.


Happy Cup Trophy

1. Your little slugger will be more than happy to receive this Happy Cup Baseball Trophy! Measuring six inches tall, this cute little trophy is perfect for young children. The happy, gold-plated cup has a baseball inside, an expressive face and is cocked to the side. It stands atop a black plastic base with a metal plate for free unlimited engraving. This trophy is sure to put a smile on any child’s face.


Sponge Spinner Baseball Trophy

2. Looking for the perfect kid-friendly trophy? The Sponge Spinner Baseball Trophy is just the thing. Measuring six inches tall, this trophy has a three inch baseball that really spins! Standing atop a black weighted base, there is a metal plate attached for free unlimited engraving. So what are you waiting for? Take this one for a spin!


Little Buddy Baseball Trophy

3. Top batters have a new great new buddy in the form of the Little Buddy Baseball Trophy. Standing four inches tall, this happy little baseball guy is getting ready to take a winning swing. Made out of hand-painted resin, this little guy stand on top of a star. These are perfect for all kids on the team.


Little Star Baseball Trophy

4. Your players are stars on the field so why not give them the Little Star Baseball Trophy? Measuring five inches tall, this trophy depicts a happy star, thumbs up and holding a baseball bat. This hand-painted ceramic resin trophy has a big smile and is ready for action! At the base is a metal plate with plenty of room for free unlimited engraving.


Little Pal Baseball Trophy

5. After mastering the perfect swing, young players will enjoy taking home the Little Pal Baseball Trophy! Our little pal measures five inches tall and is made of hand-painted resin. This cute, detailed trophy depicts a happy baseball character swinging the bat with a big smile on his face. The gold and silver paint with the star in the background create a very nice contrast. 


Glow in the Dark Baseball Trophy

6. After your players bask in the glow of victory, why not reward them with a Glow in the Dark Baseball Trophy? This hand painted resin trophy features a baseball, helmet, bat and a really cool lightning bolt. When the lights go out, parts of it give off a bright neon yellow-green glow. The perfect award for kids of all ages. 


Bobblehead Baseball Trophy

7. Want to add a little extra fun to your award giving? Then give players a Bobblehead Baseball Trophy! Standing six inches tall, this expressive resin trophy comes in both male and female versions. These are great fun for kids but parents will also get a kick out of them. At the base is a metal plate for free unlimited engraving.



Sponge Spinner Riser Baseball Trophy

8. Kids absolutely love the Sponge Spinner Riser Baseball Trophy. Standing an impressive 10 inches tall, this plastic, gold-plated trophy has a wide selection of figure toppers that stand on top of a baseball that really spins! It comes on top of a weighted black base with a metal plate for free unlimited engraving.


Broadcast Baseball Trophy

9. After your young player gives it his best, reward him with a Broadcast Baseball Trophy! Available in two sizes, this fun little trophy has a baseball glove, bat, baseball underneath a shooting star. Want to get one for every member of the team? You can when you take advantage of our bulk discounts. 


Star Swirl Baseball Trophy

10. The Star Swirl Baseball Trophy is the perfect award for all your star players! This solid hand painted resin trophy has great detail. It has a baseball, baseball bat and helmet surrounded by three swirling stars. At the base is a metal plate for free unlimited engraving.


These are just some of the terrific kid-friendly baseball awards available at K2 Awards. With our guaranteed fast delivery and 100% customer satisfaction, shopping with us is a home run!