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By K2 awards, Published 05/18/2015

>Color Run

1.) The Color Run

I don't know what it is that makes getting color thrown at you so fun, but it works. A tradition once reserved for raves is now available to the running world through “The Color Run.” Runners begin in all white, but as they run volunteers and staffers bombard everyone with vibrant colors. There are different colors for each distance, and each runner gets a their own bag of color to decorate anything or anyone they want with! “The Color Run” is truly an experience. You can find a full list of dates and cities at

Run For Your Life

2.) Run For Your Lives

Zombies have never been more popular than they are today due to very successful TV and movie franchises, and now you have a chance to experience the excitement for yourself with “Run For Your Lives.” You begin the race with three flags, symbolizing your health, and try to protect them as your run through mud and blood filled obstacles while ravage zombies try to attack you. If you finish with at least flag left, you survived! If not, then have been turned into a zombie. Either way, be sure to sure to stay for the Apocalypse party! For dates and cities, check

Krispy Kreme Challenge

3.) Krispy Kreme Challenge

5 miles might not sound like much to hardened runners, but try it while scarfing down a dozen donuts and you have a different story. This is what thousands of runners compete to complete in the Raleigh, NC "Krispy Kreme challenge." You have to consume all 12 donuts while running 5 miles, and you only have one hour so don’t think you can get away with nibbling. Luckily for the runners who are not willing to gain 2,400 calories in a race, they allow “casual runners” who get to choose how many donuts they eat. Last year the event brought in 7,500 runners, equaling approximately half a ton of donuts.

4.) Undie Run

This race, which exclusively consists of college kids in their underwear, is as charitable as it is sexy. At the start of every race, every participating college student strips down to their undies and takes off. Then, as the participants run in their underwear, volunteers gather all of their stripped off clothing and donates them to charity. They have so far donated over 50,000 pounds of clothing. To see if a college near you is participating, check

Empire State Run-Up

5.) The Empire State Building Run-Up

Holy calves, Batman! A 1,576-stair sprint to the top of the Empire State Building!? That's what hundreds of runners do every year, at their own will. The race begins on the ground floor and finally ends at the beautiful observation deck so you can take in the view while you’re bent over in pain. Still on the fence about attending? Worry not, the race can only accommodate a few hundred people, so enter your name in the lottery and let fate decide! Get more information at