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By K2 Awards , Published 09/13/2016

1. Midnite Star Trophy

Midnite Star Trophies

The Midnite Star Trophy has been a great seller ever since we started carrying it, and for good reason. This compact 6" trophy features an ostentatious gold/black contrast that stands out on any trophy shelf. Throw in a black marble base for added weight and elegance, and you have yourself a trophy that is guaranteed to please.

Available for: Football, Soccer, Cheer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey

2. Phoenix Trophy

Phoenix Trophies

It doesn't get much classier than the Phoenix Trophy. This outstanding trophy comes in at a towering 13" tall with a wingspan of nearly 5". In the center of the trophy rests a shiny silver emblem. This trophy awaits a true champion.

Available for: Cheer, Football, Soccer - Male, Soccer - Female, Baseball, Softball, Basketball - Male, Basketball - Female

3. Little Star Trophy

Little Star Soccer Trophy

Don't forget about your youngsters! The Little Star Trophy is a favorite of young players everywhere. Not only does it look cute, but it's made of a tough ceramic resin to make sure it lasts. REMEMBER: Positive reinforcement for participating in a healthy, character-building activity such as youth sports is a good thing!

Available in: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

4. Victory Backdrop Trophy

Victory Backdrop Soccer Trophy

The Victory Backdrop Trophy is one fierce award. The player literally jets out from the gold backdrop, adding depth and action to this already vibrant award. Available as low as $4.67, you can't beat this deal.

Available in: Soccer - Male (Large, Small), Soccer - Female (Large, Small), Basketball - Female (Large, Small), Basketball - Male (Large, Small), Baseball (Large, Small), Softball (Large, Small)

5. Victory Wrist Band Trophy

Victory Wrist Band Trophy

Always a best-seller is this resin award that comes with a wearable wrist band wrapped around the base. Kids love wearing it around to show off their accomplishment around school and other social gatherings. Truly revolutionary is the Victory Wrist Band Trophy's ability to reward a player's excellence well beyond the trophy shelf.

Available in: Football, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Basketball