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By K2 Awards & Apparel, Published 02/22/2017

It's almost that time of year again….wedding season! Your mailbox might be flooding already with save the dates and invites to upcoming nuptials. Before you head off to a wedding, read our five tips for attending a wedding in 2017.

1.) Don't Get Too Drunk!

Weddings will often have an open bar and with all the celebrating going on it can be very easy to get carried away. Pacing is key to ensure you don't go overboard with those free drinks. Set a reasonable number of drinks you're going to allow yourself to have ahead of time and stick to it. If you stick to your limit and don't get carried away, you can have a nice tipsy time without worry!

2.) Remember Who This Day is About

It's about the bride and groom! Your job as a guest is to be friendly and supportive of the happy couple. Also, don't do anything that would take attention away from their big day. This is the bride's special day, and the last thing you want to do is take away the importance of it by proposing or making some other big announcement.

3.) Don't Talk Politics

When a large group of people get together, there are going to be people with opposing views. While this is okay, but a wedding is not the time to discuss them. Everyone is trying to enjoy themselves and congratulate the lucky couple and nobody wants the mood ruined by two people who can't put their political differences aside. If political talk does arise, try changing the subject and keeping the discussion light.

4.) Realize That You Will be Photographed or Filmed

Everyone makes a fool of themselves on the dance floor sometimes and this is expected at weddings. But when it comes to your conduct off of the dance floor, it is good to remember that you very well may be filmed. If you don't want to be the laughing stock of the wedding video for years to come, act accordingly!

5.) Bring Gifts!

There are few life events with as big a celebration as a wedding and you must gift accordingly! Personalized gifts serve as a memory of the beautiful day and are an excellent way to show the couple that you care. Things like personalized drinking glasses for the bride and groom, a engraved bbq set with their wedding date, or a custom glass picture frame, are perfect for gifting at weddings! Impress them with a personalized gift that they can use!

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