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By Joanne McKann, Published 03/12/2019


April Fools' Day is fast approaching and K2 Awards has what you need to get into the spirit of the day. It's a day for fun and shenanigans but also, for the runners among us, there are plenty of April Fools' races to participate in. Perhaps you're organizing a race of your own. We have a wide selection of custom apparel, medals and trophies to choose from. For example, the easily customizable Octoblast Insert Medal makes a great prize for those who cross the finish line.

Maybe racing isn't your thing. That's okay because the day is about having a laugh and pulling some funny pranks. Pulling the perfect April Fool's office prank can really liven up the work day and help break up the monotony. One way to test your trickery is in the breakroom. If you're really feeling devious, leaving out a plate of toothpaste filled Oreo cookies will catch your co-workers off guard.

Another food prank is to leave a box of doughnuts on the counter and fill it with vegetables.

Why not add a competitive edge to your office prank day by having a contest? You can give funny awards at work for the best prank, the most elaborate or the most creative prank.

For the ultimate prank master in the office, give them the top prize in the form of a Dundie Award! As one of our best selling items, the winner will definitely appreciate it. For the runner ups, we have a great selection of medals. The Fusion Humor Insert Medal is the perfect prize for those deserving an honorable mention. Available in gold, silver and bronze, you can customize these medals easily by uploading your own unique design.

Not everyone can be top dog and for those picking up the rear, we have the Horse’s Rear Bobble Trophy! This fun little trophy is easy to personalize and has a rear end that really wiggles! Horse's Rear Bobble TrophyFor those who follow behind, we have the Standard Horse’s Rear Trophy. Didn’t make the cut? No problem, even those who are dead last don’t have to go home empty handed thanks to the Last Place Toilet Insert Trophy.

These are just some of the fun novelty awards available at K2 Awards. We have so much more, you can also create a unique April Fools’ surprise by adding your own funny text to any item in our personalized gift collection. K2 Awards has a great selection of awards and custom gifts to help you celebrate April Fools’ Day. So what are you waiting for? Contact our customer service team and order today!

April Fools Day

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