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By K2 awards, Published 05/17/2017

Fantasy football season will be here before you know it! Give your fantasy football winner a memorable trophy this year with our selection of fantasy football trophies. At K2 Awards, we offer a wide variety of fantasy football trophies for all types of fantasy football leagues and achievements. Find the perfect trophy for your fantasy football league with our featured trophies highlighted below.

Couch Fantasy Football Trophy

This fantasy football trophy has beautiful detail and features a topper demonstrating how most people cheer their team onto victory, relaxing on the couch. This resin trophy is a beautiful and detailed bronze and is perfect for the fantasy football leagues with a sense of humor. Order one of these beautiful and hilarious trophies for your fantasy football winner.

Last Place Toilet Insert Trophy

Don’t forget to give something to your league loser too! Poke fun at the team that was in the last place this year, and get a last place toilet trophy for your league. This resin trophy is a beautiful and humorous design of a toilet with a plate to customize with the loser's name, team name or league name. Plus, this trophy has an insert section specific for fantasy football, with four different options available. This trophy is perfect for a fun office league!

Fantasy Football Champion Trophy

Celebrate your winner with this beautiful and detailed trophy. This fantasy football trophy stands at a whopping 13” and features a trophy topper celebrating on his couch. This trophy option is one of our most detailed. A great option for any fantasy football league.

Fantasy Football Winner Trophy

Another beautifully designed fantasy football trophy. This trophy stands at 7” tall and is one of the cheaper options featured on this list. Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice any of the quality with this trophy. This resin fantasy football trophy has beautiful detail and features a topper of a person in a football helmet on their laptop. The person is sitting on a goal post with a sign reading fantasy football. Plus at the base of the trophy, you can customize the plate with the winner’s name or the league name.

Rustic Gold Championship Football Trophy on Perpetual Base

The perfect trophy option for the office that takes their fantasy football league seriously. This trophy allows you to make this trophy a yearly tradition. There are multiple engravable sections at the trophy’s base for every winner's name for years to come. At the top of this rustic gold championship football trophy is a large and elaborate football. Make this trophy a tradition in your office. No matter how seriously you take your fantasy football league, K2 Awards has the perfect choice for your fantasy football trophies. Check out our full selection of fantasy football trophies here or contact our team for your questions.