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By Tatum Myer, Published 04/13/2020

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, schools, daycares, and universities across the nation have closed indefinitely, and students have been sent home to social distance. Although children’s lives revolve around social interaction – going to school, little leagues, libraries, playgrounds, etc. – it is necessary to keep them isolated in the interest of their health. There’s no denying that this change has disrupted everyone’s daily routines, but luckily we have a few ideas that could help return some normalcy to your kids’ lives… and hopefully keep you from pulling your hair out.


Reward Your Star Students with Achievement Trophies

During this period of quarantine, it may be difficult for your kids to sit down and focus on their schoolwork with so many other fun distractions in the house. One way to motivate your new students is to reward them with personalized achievement trophies upon their good grades. Math trophies, reading trophies, science trophies, you name it - allow your kids to collect awards for all of their school subjects! Academic trophies are a great way to keep your children motivated and focused on learning throughout the day, and a fun way to celebrate their success!


Stage Your Own Spelling Bee

When the days start to run together, switch it up and stage your own spelling bee for your children at home! Custom spelling bee trophies and medals are a surefire way to put a smile on your children’s face. Have the kids practice a list of vocabulary words while your awards ship to you, then set the stage for a grand spelling competition!


Have a Backyard Field Day with the Family

If you and your family start going a little stir-crazy lately from spending so much time in the house, get outside and get active with a family field day in the backyard! Cornhole tournaments, relay races, and tug-of-war are just a few of the many classic field day games you can play right in your own backyard. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals are a perfect way to reward your competition winners. Consider giving out personalized competition-specific awards, like cornhole trophies and tug-of-war trophies, for MVP’s!


Graduation Ceremony From Home

Lastly, for your older kids who may have had their commencement ceremonies cancelled this year, hold a graduation ceremony from home! Celebrate your graduate with a personalized graduation trophy, plaque, or glass award. Have a custom certificate holder engraved for when your student’s diploma comes in the mail. A custom award or certificate holder is a special way to commemorate your child’s years of hard work.


At K2 Awards, we want to continue motivating and celebrating our friends and family, and everyone else around us, no matter what the circumstances. We understand that all of our lives have changed recently, but we hope that these activities with some custom awards will encourage you, your kids, and your family to stay positive and active during this time.