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By K2 Awards , Published 10/29/2014

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. The night is full of adventure, fun, and, of course, plenty of candy. If you plan on trick-or-treating this Halloween it doesn't hurt to brush up on some these quick pointers designed to keep you and your family having fun while you're out and about.

Crossing Guard

1. Brush up on Street Safety:

Most kids are already pretty versed on street safety, but a quick reminder can refresh their memories and make for a safer experience. Review the basics of road safety with your kids and be sure to tell them to stick to sidewalks, cross only at intersections, and make sure to follow all traffic signals. Take some time to reinforce the importance of looking both ways before crossing and tell your children to avoid busy roads and make sure they know to stay in familiar, safe neighborhoods.

For some fun easy ways to teach your children these safety basics refer to these educational sites listed below, we think you'll find them to be very helpful:

boy with glow sticks

2. Keep Your Costumes Bright!

We all know that Halloween traditionally takes place during the night, but parents of smaller children may find it easier to trick-or-treat during the early evening, taking advantage of the lingering sunlight. Younger children are generally less aware of their surroundings and will scare more easily, so having daylight helps to keep them focused and aware that the spookiness is all in fun. Parents of older kids should make sure that costumes are brightly colored, lined with reflective tape, or that they're are equipped with flashlights and glow sticks. Dark colors make people harder to see at night, so help them stand out by giving them something that will notify drivers and other pedestrians of their existence so they can be safely avoided. Parents of children using glow sticks should inspect the tubes to ensure that there are no cracks or breaks and that fluid isn't leaking. This will stop your kids from accidentally ingesting any unwanted chemicals; it will also ensure that they light up as long as they're needed. You should also know that most glow sticks only burn for about 5 hours (varies depending on size and color), so time your kids' adventures and make sure they're back before they expire.

For parents unfamiliar with glow sticks or how they operate check out these nifty resources:


3. Trick-or-treat With a Parent or Supervisor

One of the easiest ways to prevent Halloween accidents is to supervise your kids while they're going door to door. If for some reason you can't be there then why not take some time to find another parent, friend, or older sibling that's willing to take them out? Group trick-or-treating is another great option. Either volunteer to supervise, or find a group of your child's friends that are already being escorted by a guardian. This is a great way to let your children socialize, have fun, and not feel restricted. It will also provide a lot more comfort.


4. Explain 'Stranger Danger'

Not everyone is out to get your children, and you shouldn't be lead to feel that way, but teaching your kids some basic principles about how to behave around strangers will go a long way towards protecting your kids from any potential danger. Remind your children to never enter anyone's home, even if they're invited inside. People should never have a reason to invite unknown children into their homes, and making sure your kids are aware of this will ensure that they'll avoid trouble, no matter how tempting the candy is. Make sure to notify your kids to only remain in safe neighborhoods, travel in groups, and avoid any unwanted attention. Safe, well-lit neighborhoods with lots of other trick-or-treaters are always a child's best bet. It helps to ensure that there are plenty of people that may be able to respond should an issue arrive. Remember: safety in numbers.


5. Inspect Treats

Make sure to inspect your child's treats when they arrive back home. Doing this immediately will allow you to discard anything that may appear to be tampered with or may be missing wrappers. As a general rule of thumb you should also toss anything that appears to be homemade unless you know the individual that made it. Restrict your child's intake of sugar at the end of the night as well. Kids often get excited and might find themselves eating more than they should. Do your best to prevent stomach aches, no one wants to end the evening on a sour note. Following these simple tips will ensure that you and your family have a safe and happy Halloween! Think we missed something important? Be sure to let us know. We'd love to hear from you!