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By Joanne McKann, Published 07/18/2019

Whether it be a devoted family member, beloved pet or generous philanthropist, creating a memorial garden is a wonderful way to pay tribute. Not only does it serve as a reminder to the one who passed, a memorial garden provides a quiet, peaceful space where you can be renewed and inspired. What better way to honor a loved one?

The most important aspect of planning a memorial garden is to choose the perfect space. If it’s on your own property, select somewhere you can access it easily and admire it. When it’s created in honor of a generous donor to a school, library or any public space, have a committee decide together where the garden will be planted. An area that is visible by looking out the window is great because you can admire it even if you can’t go outside.

As far as decorating your memorial garden, there are so many options. A fence or a stone path is perfect for setting the boundaries, or you can plant a lovely hedge. Adding a fountain or planting flowers really enhances the tranquility of the space. And let’s not forget seating, placing a bench in the center of the garden provides the perfect space for reflection.

A custom outdoor plaque is a great way to complete your garden. When choosing an outdoor plaque, it is important to select one that can withstand the elements. A cast aluminum plaque is both attractive and durable. You may also want to consider an acrylastone plaque. Whichever one you choose, K2 Awards offers free unlimited engraving and no setup fees.

Creating the perfect memorial garden makes a wonderful tribute yet requires plenty of thought and planning. Our custom outdoor plaques come in different colors and sizes, some include the option of color printing. K2 Awards also offers design assistance, helping you to make your vision of the ideal memorial garden a reality. Contact our customer service team and order your custom outdoor plaque today!