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By Joanne McKann, Published 08/29/2019

When you think of little league, you probably think it begins during the spring season. However, there is also a time when young players hone their skills and perfect their game. It’s the fall ball, when little sluggers everywhere to gear up for the big season! Players work hard improving their game so why not reward them with a custom youth baseball trophy? At K2 Awards, we have an awesome selection of kid-friendly baseball trophies perfect for your players.

open star baseball trophy

Your little league star in the making is going to love getting his very own Open Star Baseball Trophy! Measuring six inches tall, this gold plastic trophy has a 3D baseball in the center of a golden star. This trophy comes with your choice of weighted plastic, white or black marble base. When you take advantage of our bulk discounts, you can give one to all your superstars!

A Happy Cup Baseball Trophy is sure to put a big smile on your player’s face! This cute little trophy cup has a smile on his face with a baseball inside the cup. At six inches tall, this trophy is a good size and sits atop a plastic weighted base. With a flexi-brass plate at the base, this award is easy to customize with free unlimited engraving.

If you’re looking for a fun trophy to give your team, the Sponge Spinner Baseball Trophy is a great way to go! The baseball on this six inch trophy really spins, making it so much fun for kids. At the bottom is a weighted plastic base with a flexi-brass plate for free personalized engraving. With our bulk discounts, you can buy more and save!

When your little slugger perfects his swing, give him a Little Buddy Baseball Trophy! This happy little baseball guy is poised at the bat, ready to make a swing and stands atop a star platform. Made of hand-painted resin, this trophy measures four inches tall and comes with free unlimited engraving.

Add a little extra fun to fall ball with a Wristband Baseball Trophy! This youth baseball trophy comes with a detachable wristband that the recipient can wear. With your choice of 22 figure toppers, four wristband risers, and unlimited personalized engraving, the possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind award are endless.

Young players work hard to improve their game and when they finally triumph on the field, give them a Triumph Baseball Insert Trophy! This stunning gold plastic trophy has a unique look consisting of a shooting star design above a wreath with space for your choice of insert sticker. We have a large selection of insert stickers to choose from or you can use your very own unique design. At the bottom is a black weighted base with a flexi-brass plate for unlimited custom engraving.

When it comes to rewarding a job well done, nothing beats a classic.  With a choice of 23 figure toppers, the Classic Baseball Trophy is in a class by itself! Made of gold plastic, this trophy sits atop a black plastic weighted base with a flexi-brass plate for personalized engraving. These make excellent participation trophies for the entire team.

These are just some of the many terrific baseball awards perfect for motivating your young players. Every trophy and plaque comes with free and unlimited engraving. Baseball medals are also easy to customize with a wide selection of attached ribbons and, for a little extra, personalized engraving on the back. In addition to all this, K2 Awards also guarantees fast delivery and 100% customer satisfaction. Ready to hit the ball out of the park? Then contact our customer service team and order yours today!