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By K2 Awards & Apparel, Published 08/11/2017

Who said trophies have to be serious? Sure, trophies are a great way to celebrate academic and athletic achievements, but you can also use to celebrate, winners and losers in a lighthearted fashion. Below we’ll highlight some of our top picks for funny trophies and what occasions they’ll be perfect for giving at an event or in the office.

Last Place Toilet Insert Trophy

Laugh with your last place contestant with our last place toilet trophy. Our toilet insert trophy is perfect for many different humorous situations! This insert trophy allows you to pick the picture featured on the resin toilet trophy. While we allow you to add any of our inserts from our selection, some of the most popular inserts for this trophy include our Last Place insert, Fantasy Football insert, or Beer Pong insert. This trophy is perfect for tournaments hosted by friends!

Office Trophies

Host your own Dundie Awards in your office when you order custom office trophies. Our office trophies are our version of the Dundie Awards featured in the show The Office. The best part of these trophies is that they come with free unlimited customization. Each of these office trophies come with a plate that you can personalize as you desire! Make Michael Scott proud and completely customize your awards. Your employees or coworkers will love these funny trophies and will be sure to place them on their desk.

Inventing the Wheel Trophy

Did someone in your office think of something groundbreaking for your company? Then we recommend awarding their innovation with our Inventing the Wheel Trophy. This trophy features a fun resin design of a wheel and spoke in homage to the saying “inventing the wheel.” Plus, this funny trophy comes with free personalization so you can feature their accomplishment on the attached metal plate. Order one for your office innovator and celebrate their achievement in a humorous way!

Standard Horse’s Rear Trophy

One of our funniest trophies available in our online trophy store is the Standard Horse’s Rear Trophy. This trophy is another great option to celebrate your last place participant in a tournament or office event as a gag gift. Give your last place participant a funny trophy featuring a marble base with a gold topper of a horse’s rear. This trophy is sure to get a laugh! Plus, customize the gold plate on the trophy with a personal message to the winner of the horse’s rear trophy! Still not finding the perfect funny trophy for your corporate or sporting event? Check out our full selection of funny trophies here or add a hilarious message or photo to any of our insert trophies. Start customizing your trophies today!

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