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By Joanne McKann, Published 04/19/2019

When we think of Memorial Day, images of cookouts, warm weather and picnics come to mind. It is often referred to as the unofficial beginning of the summer. The true purpose of the holiday is a day of remembrance of those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. At K2 Awards, we believe in celebrating the courage of veterans past and present. Our vast selection of military trophies and awards is a great way to show respect to those who fought, and continue to fight, for our nation.

Military Pride Award

The Military Pride Award is an excellent award for honoring a brave soldier. Standing an impressive 13 inches tall, this detailed sculpture depicts a soldier as he moves forward, gun in hand, poised and ready for battle. At the bottom is a black base with a metal plate for free engraving.


Burst Through Eagle Trophy

Memorial Day is a day symbolizing freedom and what represents American freedom better than the Eagle? Our Burst Thru Eagle Trophy makes a great award or gift for a service member or anyone who embodies this American ideal.


Antique Red, White & Blue Memorial Day Medal

If you’re having a cookout, why not have a contest for the best holiday barbecue recipe? The lucky winner can go home with an Antique Red, White and Blue Memorial Day Medal. Available in gold, silver and bronze, these medals come with a large selection of attached ribbons and, for a little extra, personalized engraving on the back.


Flame Eagle Trophy

Our veterans past and present are what keep the flame of freedom alive. What better way to acknowledge it than with a Flame Eagle Trophy? This resin trophy depicts a colorful eagle bursting through a vibrant flame. Measuring a little over seven inches tall, this trophy comes with free unlimited engraving.


Army Hero Sculpture Award

Army veterans are going to treasure this Army Hero Sculpture Award. This impressive sculpture stands 12 ½ inches tall and is made of electroplated resin. The sculpture has a beautiful copper look and great detail. Like the heroes in our midst, this soldier has his gun raised, stands tall and is ready for action!


Navy Hero Sculpture Award

Brave sailors who face battle on the high seas will delight in receiving a Navy Hero Sculpture Award! Measuring 12 ½ inches tall, this electroplated resin sculpture depicts a sailor standing tall and has a lovely copper color.


Diamond America Insert Medal

Celebrate the bravery of a real American hero with a Diamond America Insert Medal! Available in gold, silver and bronze, this medal has a “diamond sparkle” design and comes with a variety of attached ribbons to choose from. For just a little extra, you can have custom engraving on the back to personalize this medal. It’s an American classic!


Air Force Hero Sculpture Award

For those who fight for freedom in the skies, the Air Force Hero Sculpture Award is a great way to pay tribute! Standing at 11 ½ inches tall, this sculpture depicts an Air Force fighter standing tall and proud. This electroplated resin sculpture has an impressive amount of detail and is so easy to customize with free unlimited engraving.


These are just some of the many awards to choose from. Our military awards are a great way to reward and pay tribute to the brave men and women who fight on our behalf. As you make plans for your Memorial Day barbecue or picnic, take a moment to check out our gift collection for a great selection of items to enhance your event. With our guaranteed fast delivery and 100% customer satisfaction, K2 Awards has what you need to help you celebrate!