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By K2 Awards , Published 02/25/2016

1. Victory Backdrop Trophy

MF5303RB06-Victory-Backdrop-Basketball-Male-8.5-Inch-300x371 MF5304RB06-Victory-Backdrop-Basketball-Female-8.5-Inch-300x371

One of our newest trophies, the Victory Backdrop is also one of our most striking. The silver player against a gold background really makes this trophy pop.

2. Shadow Trophy

24705GS-4.5-Shadow-Basketball-Trophy-Male-300x371 24707GS-4.5-Shadow-Basketball-Trophy-Female-300x371

One of our bestsellers this year. The unique Shadow Trophy makes use of negative space to capture the shadow of a player within a detailed basketball background.

3. Live Action Trophy

82507GS-Live-Action-Basketball-Trophy-–-Female-300x371 82505GS-Live-Action-Basketball-Trophy-Male-300x371

A combination of sturdy resin and bright, masterfully hand-painted color makes the Live Action Trophy a must-buy this year.

4. Broadcast Trophy


Another new trophy for 2016. This exciting trophy captures the spirit of the game and is sure to be a big hit this year.

5. Little Buddy Trophy


THE trophy for kids. They love him!

6. SuperStar Trophy

p-24310-RST504large p-24308-RST503large

The SuperStar trophy is one of our most finely detailed. It's large size and heavy weight make it one of our most premium awards.

7. Triple Star Spin Trophy


This trophy features a little ball that spins. It's really fun, enough said.

8. V-Series Trophy

V702-V-Series-Basketball-Award-Male-300x371 V703-V-Series-Baseketball-Award-Female-300x371

Another finely detailed trophy and one of my personal favorites. Action, quality, fierceness, all in one trophy.

9. Star Shield Trophy


This solid Star Shield Trophy looks great on any trophy shelf. The versatile trophy is perfect for any occasion.

10. Ultra Action Trophy

RF2704-Basketball-Female-300x371 RF2703-Basketball-Male-300x371

Get in the game with the Ultra Action Trophy. Good detail accentuates the action of the player. An intense trophy for intense players.

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