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By Joanne McKann, Published 02/12/2019

K2 Awards is kicking off the New Year with brand new basketball trophies! We offer the same great prices, excellent customer service with even more awards to choose from. Our new basketball trophies are available in different styles and sizes, one of which will be perfect for your team or star player.

  1. With a colorful basketball held up by a trio of stars bursting upward, the Tri-Star Basketball Award is a dynamic trophy. The hand painted gold resin against the orange basketball creates a very nice contrast.
  2. For a new take on one of our most popular trophies, we are pleased to introduce the Blue Crossed Star Basketball Trophy. The new toper depicts a player as he hovers in the air, ready to make a game winning dunk!
  3. Celebrate that winning streak with a Comet Basketball Trophy! As the ball is followed by a golden arc with stars, this trophy creates a sense movement with the basketball soaring towards an epic win.
  4. With its copper like color and the stars reaching to the ball, the Basketball Cobra Award is a real stand out! In addition to its unique style, this trophy is available in four sizes.
  5. Looking for a fun kid’s trophy? Then be sure to check out our Ball Head Basketball Trophy. Measuring a little over four inches tall, this little guy holds up a plate over his head. Perfect for engraving the player’s name, kids will be thrilled to take this one home!
  6. Celebrate a star-studded performance with a Four Star Basketball Trophy! Measuring six inches tall, this resin trophy features a vivid, colorful 3D basketball rising over the word “basketball” above four stars.
  7. Who says an award can’t be simple and sensational at the same time? Not with our Orbit Basketball Award! Measuring four and a half inches tall, this trophy depicts a bright colored basketball in the middle of a star. This is another ideal trophy for kids and great for every member of the team.
  8. Let the sun shine with a Sun Ray Basketball Award! Available in two sizes, this beautiful silver and bronze painted trophy features a 3D basketball as it is about to make its way into the hoop, framed by golden rays.
  9. If you’re looking for something a little different, the Sport Star Basketball Award is a great bet! Measuring six inches tall, this trophy features two stars. Behind the little gold star is a larger one that matches the color and texture of a real basketball. Another great kid-friendly trophy to give to the whole team.
  10. Shower your champion with a Star Shower Basketball Award! This compact resin trophy depicts gold and silver stars that reach high and rise over the net. In front of it all, a detailed gold basketball sits atop the base.

At K2 Awards, we offer new awards yet provide the same guaranteed fast delivery, high-quality merchandise and 100% customer satisfaction you’ve come to expect. If you have any questions or would like more information, our customer service team is ready to assist you.

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