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By David Hoefer, Published 02/19/2020

A new year has arrived and so have new basketball trophies that are going to be a hit with the entire team! Picking the right award can be tough, especially when there are so many great styles to choose from. That’s why we’ve laid out five great options that will suit your youth league regardless of age group.


1. 2020 Basketball Insert Medal - Our annual custom medals are back and there’s nothing that commemorates a winning 2020 season like this great medal. Choose from one of our great stock basketball inserts, ranging from photorealistic images to illustrations, or provide your own team’s logo for that extra personalized touch!

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2020 Basketball Insert Medal

2. Jewel Riser Basketball Trophy – For a team that’s been a diamond in the rough all season and breaks through at the very end or for team leaders that are a shining example of what a player should be, the Jewel Riser Basketball Trophy is an essential award for the 2020 season. Choose from over 60 topper figures and three different jewel colors: red, white, or blue.

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Jewel Riser Basketball Trophy

3. Basketball Colum Trophy with 2020 Trim – This classic column trophy is back with a 2020 trim to make this year memorable. Coming in three different sizes and with so many colorful column options (over 40!) Just like the Jewel Riser Trophy you can choose from over 60 topper figures. This is really a one stop shop for all your youth basketball trophy needs.

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Basketball Colum Trophy with 2020 Trim

4. Four Star Basketball Trophy – Wow, this trophy has a ton of personality and color! The Four Star Basketball Trophy is one of our most detailed resin awards. The orange in the basketball simply ‘pops’ and at 6 inches this trophy will stand tall on the court. This one is great for middle school leagues.

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Four Star Basketball Trophy

5. Basketball Perpetual Walnut Trophy – This is a great way to recognize each player individually with one award. The Basketball Perpetual Walnut Trophy allows for 12 engraved name plates which are engraved onto black metal with gold text and border. Use the main plate to highlight your team’s name or an inspirational message. Choose from over 60 basketball toppers to put a capstone on this beautiful award and an amazing 2020!

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Basketball Perpetual Walnut Trophy

As always check back next year to see what great new awards we have in store! If you still need to talk with someone regarding your trophy order just give us a call at (866)794-4122 or email us at where a representative will help you with all your trophy buying needs.