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Chess medals and chess trophies reward the players for the challenge of the game.

2" Bright Color Chess MedalDCM6122" Bright Color Chess Medal$2.69As Low As $ 1.18
2" BriteLazer Medal - ChessBL3042" BriteLazer Medal - Chess$2.39As Low As $ 1.05
2.25" Die Cast Chess MedalMS6502.25" Die Cast Chess Medal$2.39As Low As $ 1.72
2.5" Black Lazer Chess MedalK240D2.5" Black Lazer Chess Medal$2.49As Low As $ 1.25
Value Star Chess TrophiesSTR16Value Star Chess Trophies$4.79As Low As $ 3.45
Personalized Rosewood Finish Chess SetsCHES01Personalized Rosewood Finish Chess Sets$27.99As Low As $ 21.27
8" Team Spirit Chess TrophiesCHESSTEAMSPIRIT8" Team Spirit Chess Trophies$7.99As Low As $ 5.75
7.5" 3D Resin Chess TrophiesRFH5077.5" 3D Resin Chess Trophies$10.99As Low As $ 8.35