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Medals and Custom Awards

Celebrate success with a Medal or Custom Award from K2 Awards. We have a variety of medals ranging from gold, silver and bronze to color and custom insert medals. All medals are so easy to customize with you choice of attached ribbon and, for a little extra, personalized engraving on the back. Our insert medals are available with your choice of sticker or you can use your own logo or unique design. Simply upload your design, submit it and you will receive a design proof within 24 business hours! Our great prices are even better when you take advantage of our bulk discounts. So what are you waiting for? Order your custom medal today!

1.625" Budget Medals

Star players and team members are going to love these Budget Medals! All are so easy to customize.

1.75" Star Wreath Medals

Feel like a true winner with the Star Wreath Medal! All are easy to customize.

1.75" Value Wreath Medals

Celebrate accomplishment with the Custom Value Wreath Medal!

2" Banner Ribbon Burst Medals

Celebrate bursting onto the winning scene with a Banner Ribbon Burst Medal!

2" Bright Color Decagon Medals

Show your true colors with a Bright Color Decagon Medal!

2" BriteLazer Medals

Shine bright with the customizable BriteLazer Medal!

2" Color Fill Medals

Celebrate success with a bright color fill medal!

2" Value Academic Medals

Honor your scholar with a 2" Value Academic Medal! It's high quality and low price.

2" Victory Scene Medals

Celebrate achievement with a victory scene medal!

2.25" Burst Wreath Medals

Burst onto the winning scene with a 2.25" Burst Wreath Medal!

2.25" Diamond Holograph Medals

Winners will shine with the 2.25" Diamond Holographic Medal!

2.25" Die Cast Medals

Celebrate a winning victory with a 2.25" Die Cast Medal!

2.25" Galaxy Medals

Celebrate a stellar performance with a 2.25" Galaxy Medal!

2.25" Premier Medals

Reward excellence with a 2.25" Premier Medal!

2.25" Star Medals

Celebrate a star performance with a 2.25" Star Medal!

2.25" Super Star Medals

Reward your super star with a 2.25" Super Star Medal!

2.5" Big Victory Medals

Victory is yours with the 2.5" Big Victory Medal!

2.5" Black Lazer Medals

Celebrate success with the 2.5" Black Lazer Medal!

2.5" Spin Medals

For a new "spin" on medals, give out a 2.5" Spin Medal!

2.5" Stadium Medals

Knock that ball out of the park with a 2.5" Stadium Medal from K2 Awards! Available in gold, silver and bronze, these fun medals have a lot of detail and are so easy to customize.

2.5" Star Circle Medals

Award your superstar with a 2.5" Star Circle Medal!

2.5" Street Tags

2.5" Street Tags are fun for the entire team!

2.75" Diamond Cut Medals

Winners will shine with the 2.75" Diamond Cut Medal!

2.75" Star Wreath Medals

Reward achievement with the 2.75" Star Wreath Medal!

2.75" Trophy Cup Medals

Our unique Trophy Medal is one of a kind. It's like a trophy you can take with you anywhere!

2.75" USA Flag Medals

Celebrate victory with the 2.75" USA Flag Medal!

2.75" Wreath Medals

Honor star players with 2.75" Wreath Medals!

3" World Class Medals

Go big or go home with the 3" World Class medal!

3.75" Jumbo Star Insert Medals

Celebrate a star performance with a Jumbo Star Insert Medal from K2 Awards! All medals are so easy to customize.

Custom Insert Medals

Celebrate victory with our collection of custom insert medals!

Insert Medals

Celebrate victory with a K2 Awards Insert Medal!

Medal Display Cases

Display the symbol of your achievement with a Medal Display Case from K2 Awards!
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