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Pinewood Derby Plaques

The Pinewood Derby is one of the most American of traditions. It's a chance for resourceful youngsters all over the country to (with a little help from their parents) create their own downhill racers and pit their creations against their friends and scoutmates. The resulting races are as fun as they are thrilling, and everybody comes away from the day with a well-earned sense of kinship and accomplishment. Make sure that the big winner gets an award befitting their hard work by picking up one of our Pinewood Derby plaques like our Genuine Red Alder Plaque. Every model can be wholly customized to include the name of the victorious racer and of the specific derby they've won. If you like, you can even take advantage of our rock-bottom prices to get a value plaque award for every participant. They'll look back on their awards for years to come with fondness of the hard work and fun that went into one of their favorite childhood memories.

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