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Basketball is perhaps the most exciting sport played today, a fast-paced exhibition of skill and athletic ability that strikes a perfect balance between teamwork and individual achievement. If there's someone in your life who's working day and night to fulfill their hoop dreams, why not recognize their effort with one of our handsome awards? Our vast selection of trophies, plaques and medals are designed to stand as lasting monuments to ballers of all ages and skill levels. What's more, every one of them comes with free personalization to show the recipient that you truly appreciate the effort and commitment that drove them to become a champion of the court.

Classic Basketball Trophies

Any baller worth their salt will tell you that the glory of the modern game is based on the greatness of the legends of the past. Likewise, we at K2 feel that there's still a place for basketball trophies featuring beloved and classic designs - and you can't get more classic than our Motion Basketball Column Trophy, which comes in both male and female models. These dynamic awards feature a solid, weighty base, a graphic-inlaid column and a gold-cast figure suspended in a moment of play. Starting at under six dollars each, this trophy is perfect to give to every member of the team that hustled their heart out all season long.

At the same time, we feel that only a special trophy is suitable for recognizing the talent and hard work shown by your team's MVP. That's the sentiment behind the creation of our Bronze MVP Basketball Trophy, a gorgeous statuette that can serve as the crown jewel of any trophy case for years to come. Its electroplated construction means that it'll still be beautiful well after it's awarded, giving the recipient something to look back on with pride for countless years to come.

Resin Trophies

Using resin in the creation of a trophy allows for remarkable creativity in the shape and style that trophy can take. Perhaps no award we offer better illustrates this than our Black and Gold Wing Basketball Trophy, a simple yet stunning piece that shines like freshly-glossed hardwood. Made of hand-painted ceramic resin, this basketball resin trophy is perfect for teenage and adult players - anybody old enough to appreciate the spectacular design that went into its creation.

That said, basketball can be enjoyed by anyone old enough to pick up the ball. That's why we developed our Little Star Basketball Trophy, an award perfect to recognize the effort put in by the members of your youth team. They might not have understood all the rules, and one time they might have put the ball in their team's basket by accident. Still, they deserve recognition for making friends and committing to their team, and this fun, hand-painted trophy will show them that they're the star of your world.

Basketball Medals

Speaking of teams, we at K2 recognize that not every coach has the budget to provide trophies for every member of theirs. Those post-game trips to Dairy Queen add up, after all. If you're on a budget but want to show your appreciation to every player on your squad, why not consider one of our affordable basketball medals? Our Budget Basketball Medals, for example, feature an incredible amount of detail and start at under two dollars a piece. For a dollar extra, you can order this classic award with a display case - and for no additional cost, you can choose both the color of the ribbon and of the medal itself.

Those looking for something a little more special may instead prefer our World Class Basketball Medal. Measuring in at an oversized three inches in diameter, this impressive award features an intricate border design and the same color customizability as the budget model. What's more, they cost just under four dollars each - perfect if you don't have a lot to spend but still want to show your team how much they mean to you.

Basketball Plaques

At K2, we believe that true achievement - no matter the field - should be shared with the world. Though trophies and awards are great at broadcasting one's triumphs, nothing says permanence and stateliness like a well-crafted plaque. We feel that our Blue Horizon Basketball Acrylic fits that bill and then some, as its stunning design makes it worthy of prominent and permanent display. The style and affordability of this award has made it one of our best sellers, a remarkable plaque that any player would be proud to receive.

Awards, however, don't have to be all about letting the world know of your accomplishments. They're just as valuable as keepers of fond memories, as reminders of the great times you had playing with your teammates and friends. That's why we developed our Team Photo Plaque, which can be customized to fit photos ranging from 3x5 to 8x10. What's more, the color of the plate and the text on it can be changed for just a few dollars extra, a small investment to make in something that'll make the members of your team smile for many years to come.

Best Basketball Trophies and Awards

Basketball is hard. Not everybody recognizes just how tiring it is to run up and down a court for up to 48 minutes, to say nothing of trying to hit a 20-foot jumper while winded. That, however, is just one aspect of commitment that a true baller must display - they must also show commitment to their team, to their coach, to the legacy of the champions that came before. To celebrate your team you obviously want to get the best basketball awards and trophies to commemorate their skills and dedication. This is why we recommend basketball awards such as:

  • Bronze MVP Basketball Trophy
  • Black and Gold Wing Basketball Trophy
  • Little Star Basketball Trophy
  • Budget Basketball Medals
  • World Class Basketball Medal
  • Blue Horizon Basketball Acrylic
  • Basketball Team Photo Plaque

If you know of an individual - or of a whole team - that's killing it in every one of those regards, then we think it's high time that they got an award for their efforts. With any luck, this guide has helped you figure out just what kind of trophy, medal or plaque they've earned.