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When you’re planning to order custom shirts in bulk, you might be worried about coming up with a design that will please everybody.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with three ideas for custom T-shirts that are personal enough to be unique, yet versatile enough to make everybody happy.

1. List Everyone’s Names

This idea is a classic for teams, dance and theater troupes — you name it. Usually these types of custom T-shirts include the name of your group or the event on the front, and then the full list of names on the back. So everyone’s included, and there’s not much room to debate about the content.

2. Go Minimalist

If listing everyone’s names seems like too much, consider custom shirts that feature nothing but the basics: your team or group name, your logo and the year. The fewer words and design elements you add, the less there is for someone to challenge.

3. Let Everyone Add Their Own Name

Your custom T-shirts can still have your general group info on the front, but the back can feature the individual wearer’s name, much like on the back of a team jersey. This might be a real name or a nickname. This way, everyone gets a chance to express themselves.

There’s plenty of opportunity to be creative with your custom shirts’ embroidery or screen printing, but when you’re dealing with strong and varied opinions, sometimes it’s easier to go with a tried and true approach. With these ideas, you practically can’t go wrong.

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