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A lot of people attempt to make pinewood derby trophies by hand or think that there is no other option. We’re here to tell you that you can save a lot of time and hassle by ordering your trophies from K2 Awards & Apparel.

Here are some of our top picks, especially for Cub Scout pinewood derby trophies. Use this list to help you narrow down your selection and find the best pinewood derby trophy ideas for your troop.

Checkered Pinewood Derby Trophy

The 4-inch Checkered Pinewood Derby Trophy features a painted derby car stacked on top of a cherry wood base with the option of personalized engraving.


Pinewood Derby Motion Extreme Trophy

This dynamic award highlights the heat of the race. The 5-inch Pinewood Derby Motion Extreme Trophy has a caught-in-the-moment feel to it.

Star Action Pinewood Award

This award is a great way to reward your scouts for their hard work and determination. The Star Action Pinewood Award will definitely make your pinewood derby race one to remember.

Checkered Flag Champion Award

The Checkered Flag Champion Award is hand painted and features a racing helmet with checkered flags in the background. These awards are great for racers of all ages!

Racing Acrylic Award

The 9-inch Racing Acrylic Award features incredible detail work and gives you the choice of engraving on either a silver or gold plate. These trophies are perfect for everyone who participates or for your top performers.

The More You Order, The More You'll Save.

Want to recognize winners in multiple categories? Save money with pinewood derby trophy packages that let you choose different engravings for each trophy. The more trophies you add to your order, the more you’ll save.