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When you create a T-shirt fundraising campaign, figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming. You know your cause, you know your fundraising goal and you know that you want to sell T-shirts. But now what? Where do you start? We’re sharing some of the best fundraising ideas for getting your campaign up off the ground and thriving.

1. Start An Online Fundraising Shop

One of the easiest and best fundraising ideas when selling T-shirts online is to start a website where people can go to support your cause. K2 Awards & Apparel offers the easiest way to set up an online fundraising shop. There’s no investment or paperwork involved. K2 will build your shop, handle the processing of orders and print your apparel for you, all for free.

2. Evoke Emotion

When creating custom T-shirts for your fundraiser, you should appeal to people’s emotions. This doesn’t mean you have to make them sad. Your shirts should evoke amusement, passion or pride. Make the shirt something people will want to wear and be proud to wear.

3. Make Your Message Clear

When creating your T-shirt fundraising webpage, make sure that your message is clear. People should fully understand what they’re purchasing, what their purchase helps support and how much their support means to you and your organization. The more powerful your message, the better.

4. Spread The Word

Once your T-shirt fundraising shop is live, it’s time to spread the word. Share links to it on all of your social media channels and ask your friends to do the same. A good fundraiser can gain traction quickly on social media.

Be sure to also promote your T-shirts on your website’s home page. It doesn’t make any sense to have an online fundraising website if you’re not advertising your product on your homepage where the most eyes will see it.

And lastly, if you’re helping to promote a long-term fundraiser, think about creating business cards with a link to your T-shirt fundraising page. When you wear your T-shirt out and people comment on it, you can hand them a business card and direct them to the website where they can get one for themselves.

K2 Awards & Apparel: The Smartest Way To Sell

Our fundraising shops are the easiest way to get your campaign going. Simply submit your design to our shop professionals and share your newly created online shop with the link we provide. We’ll handle the T-shirt printing and payment processing. Then, we’ll deliver you the profit. Welcome to cost and hassle-free fundraising.