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When fundraising for a cause, there are dozens and dozens of ideas to choose from. But some of the best fundraising ideas tend to be the simplest. And the simplest of them all is T-shirt fundraising.

By selling your own T-shirt design online, you can get maximum payoff with minimum effort. Here’s seven reasons why setting up a T-shirt fundraising shop is the easiest and most underrated fundraising idea ever.

1. Less Work Involved

Forget baking brownies, washing cars, selling mattresses or lugging round candy bars. With K2 Awards & Apparel’s T-shirt fundraising, there’s practically no work involved. Simply direct people to your professionally created online T-shirt fundraising shop and you’re done! It’s really that easy.

2. No Need For Supply Storage Or Inventory

Since K2 Awards & Apparel takes care of all of the order processing and T-shirt printing, there’s no need for you to store supplies or inventory, giving you ease of mind and stress-free fundraising.

3. No Upfront Investment

Since everything involved in creating your fundraiser is free and online, there’s no need for any type of upfront investment. Simply create your fundraising shop, share the links with anyone and everyone, and you’re good to go!

4. Dual-Purpose

When you sell popcorn or wreaths for a fundraiser, you’re raising money. And that’s good, but the awareness of the cause begins and ends at the point of sale. But when people buy and wear a T-shirt, they’re not only helping your organization financially, they’re helping to build support and awareness for your cause every time they wear that T-shirt.

5. No Need To Coordinate Schedules

With other fundraisers, multiple meetings may be needed, and this involves having to coordinate schedules. But with the simple fundraising idea of selling T-shirts, you simply set up your shop and share the url, then let K2 Awards & Apparel handle the rest.

6. Year-Round Fundraising

While a lot of fundraising ideas are seasonally based, like car washes, bake sale or wreath sales, T-shirt fundraising is a year-round, simple fundraising idea. No need to worry about outdoor space or seasonality in your product. T-shirts can be sold online year-round, no matter the weather.

7. Everybody Likes T-Shirts

If candies or cookies are being sold for a fundraiser, people on diets may shy away from spending their money on fattening sweets. But T-shirts are beloved by all. You can toss them on to go to the store, workout, lounge around the house or wear to bed. Even people on diets can get on board with T-shirts.

K2 Awards & Apparel: The Smartest Way To Sell

Our fundraising shops are the easiest way to get your campaign going. Simply submit your design to our shop professionals and share your newly created online shop with the link provided. We’ll handle the printing and payment processing. Then, we’ll deliver you the profit. Welcome to hassle-free fundraising.