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Employee Recognition Awards


Our elegant Employee Recognition Awards are masterfully personalized to convey stories of achievement and service. We have the Lowest Prices on Employee of the Month Awards and Employee Appreciation Awards. Our beautifuly engraved Employee Service Awards are timeless gifts that every recipient will cherish for years to come. 

Organizational success largely depends on the employees who run day-to-day operations. The men and women who have dedicated time and energy to the company deserve impressive awards that reflects their important accomplishments. We know choosing from such a large variety of awards can be overwhelming. If you’re unsure of where to start, take a look at our Most Popular Employee Recognition Awards!

Employee Award Buying Guide

Crystal Employee Awards

Crystal awards offer timeless beauty and a simple elegance that's unmatched by other materials. The way they catch and harness light make them the centerpiece of any room in which they're displayed. Though you might expect to pay a premium for something this dazzling, worry not - K2's crystal awards start at $14.99 a piece, which makes it affordable for owners and managers to celebrate even the most routine of accomplishments. More significant achievements, however, deserve something special - such as our Circle Plate Crystal, whose dazzling design will make it the crown jewel of even the most accomplished salesperson's trophy case. As with all our awards, the engraved text is fully customizable, giving you the opportunity to pair this stunning crystal with an individualized message of recognition.

Acrylic Employee Awards

The beauty of acrylic is in its flexibility - the material is so remarkably moldable that it can be formed into just about any shape you can imagine. That flexibility is put on full display in the astonishing variety of acrylic awards we offer at K2, awards that range from the traditional to the extraordinary. If you're interested in the former - but would like something special to make the trophy you choose stand out a bit - you might be interested in our Triangle Acrylic awards. Available in clear, blue and jade, these trophies strike a classic note while offering color and size customization so that you may design them to the liking of their recipient and to the aesthetic of your company.

Glass Employee Awards

As with acrylic, one of the main features of glass awards is that they can come in just about any shape you like. That flexibility allows our glass trophies to celebrate individuals in ways that others simply can't, a difference illustrated perhaps most clearly by our Curved Glass w/ Picture Frame Award. Imagine the smile that'll come over your celebrated salesperson's face when you present them with a trophy that includes a shot of them conducting the hard work for which they're being recognized. We can think of few better ways for an owner or manager to celebrate a valued employee than to immortalize a moment like that in such a beautiful and meaningful way.