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MVP Plaque With Figure

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These MVP Plaques with a figure are great awards for your top performers, coaches, team moms and super stars.  A 4" Wide x 6" Tall plaque is a attached to the base with a figure in front. The figures are approximately 6 inches tall but vary in size based on the figure selected.   FREE UNLIMITED ENGRAVING, NO SETUP FEES! Choose From Our HUGE selection of Toppers: Achievement Male (5"), Achievement Male (6"), Achievement Star (6"), Animal - Angus Cow (3"), Animal - Angus Steer (3"), Animal - Beagle Dog (3.25"), Animal - Buck, Animal - Chicken (3"), Animal - Coon Hound (4"), Animal - Coon in Tree (5"), Animal - Dairy Bull, Animal - Dairy Cow (3"), Animal - Equestrian Horseback (4.5"), Animal - Fox Hound (4"), Animal - Dairy Goat (3"), Animal - Hereford Cow (3"), Animal - Hereford Steer (3"), Animal - Hog (3"), Animal - Quarter Horse (5.5"), Animal - Rabbit (3"), Animal - Sheep (3"), Animal - Tenn. Walking Horse (5.5"), Animal - Western Horse (5.5"), Auto - Camaro Star, Auto - Corvette Star, Auto - Mustang Star, Auto - Stock Car Star, Archery Female, Archery Male, Awareness Ribbon - Gold, Awareness Ribbon - Pink, Baby, Baseball Batter Male, Softball Batter Female, Baseball Allstar, Baseball Homerun Male, Softball Homerun Female, Baseball Wreath, Baseball Double Action, Baseball Little League Boy, Baseball Little League Girl, Baseball Pitcher, Baseball TBall Boy, Baseball TBall Girl, Baseball Shooting Star, Baseball Tball Boy - Clear, Baseball Tball Girl - Clear, Baseball/Softball Coed, Baseball Umpire Call, Baseball Action Wreath, Baseball 3 Star Spinner, Baseball Flame, Baseball With Stars, Softball Premium Homerun Female, Baseball Motion Female, Baseball Motion Male, Basketball Pushshot Male, Basketball Pushshot Female, Basketball Star Male, Basketball Star Female, Basketball Motion Male, Basketball Motion Female, Basketball Double Male, Basketball Double Female, Basketball Dunk Male, Basketball Dunk Female, Basketball Dunk Action Male, Basketball Dunk Action Female, Basketball All Star Male, Basketball All Star Female, Basketball Junior Male, Basketball Junior Female, Basketball 3 Star Spin, Basketball Flame, Basketball Spinner, Basketball Star, Basketball Wreath, Baton Twirler, Beauty Queen, BMX Bike, BMX Dirt Bike, Body Builder Male, Body Builder Female, Bocce Female, Bocce Male, Bowler Female, Bowler Male, Bowling Comic Male, Bowling Comic Female, Bowling with Stars, Bowling 3 Star Spin, Bowling Flame, Bowling Pin, Bowling Wreath, Boxer, Cheer PomPom, Cheer 3 Star, Cheer Allstar, Cheer Super Star, Cheer Flame, Cheer Motion, Cheer Junior Girl, Cheering with Stars, Cheer Double Action, Cheer Triple Action, Chess King, Chess BIG King, Classic Car, Coach Female, Coach Male, Coach Wreath, Cricket Batsman, Cricket Bowler, Cricketer Male, Cross, Dance Ballerina, Dance - Modern Dance, Dance - Modern Heart, Dance - Modern Heart PINK, Dance - Contemporary, Dancing Couple, Drama Mask, Field Hockey (Female), Figure Skater, Fishing - Bass, Fishing - Bass 2, Football Runner 1, Football Runner 2, Football Action, Football Tackle, Football Receiver, Football Flame, Football Wreath, Football Junior Runner, Football Double Action, Football Motion Runner, Football 3 Star Spinner, Football Flag (Boy), Football Flag (Girl), Golf Female, Golf Male, Golf - Male Swing, Golf - Comic Male, Gymnastics Balance Beam, Gymnastics Female, Gymnastics Male, Halloween - Pumpkin (3.5"), Halloween - Jack O' Lantern (4.5"), Halloween - Winged Pumpkin (4.5"), Halloween - Witch Pumpkin (6"), Halloween - Witch (5"), Hockey Action Male, Hockey Goalie, Hockey 3 Star Spinner, Hockey All-Star, Hockey Flame, Horse's Rear, Horseshoe Female, Horseshoe Male, Inline Skate, Inline Skater, Judo, Karate Male, Karate Female, Karate Double Action, King, Lacrosse Female, Lacrosse Male, Lamp of Knowledge, Lamp Of Knowledge Wreath, Music Lyre, Music Note, Music Treble Clef, Pick-Up Truck, Pinewood Derby Car, Pinewood Derby Car and Flag, Pinewood Derby Shooting Star, Pool Female, Pool Male, Racing Quarter Midget, Racing Go Kart, Racing - Go Kart Star, Racing - Go Kart Flags, Racing Motorcycle, Racing Wreath Kart, Racing Wreath, Racing - Quad Wheeler Wreath, Racing Soft Tail Motorcycle, Racing Winged Wheel, Racing Wreath Touring, Referee, Rugby Player, Rugby Wreath, Shooting Star, Skiing Male, Skiing Female, Snowboard, Soccer Male Kicker, Soccer Female Kicker, Soccer Junior Boy Figure, Soccer Junior Girl Figure, Soccer Forward Female, Soccer Striking Female, Soccer Attacking Female, Soccer Attacking Male, Soccer Double Action Female, Soccer Double Action Male, Soccer Premium Male, Soccer Premium Female, Soccer Premium Female PINK, Soccer Bicycle Kick - Female, Soccer Bicycle Kick - Male, Soccer Wreath, Soccer Female Motion, Soccer Male Motion, Soccer 3Star Spinner, Soccer Star, Soccer Sponge Spinner, Soccer Flame, Softball Shooting Star, Softball 3 Star Spinner, Softball Batter Pink, Softball Action Wreath, Softball Double Action, Softball Umpire Call, Softball Flame, Softball With Stars, Softball Sponge Spinner, Spelling Bee, Star, Stock Car, Surfer, Swim Female, Swim Male, Swimming Wreath, Tap Dancer, Tennis Male, Tennis Female, Tennis 3 Star Spinner, Tennis Flame, Track Male, Track Female, Track All Star Female, Track All Star Male, Track Wreath, Tractor, Tractor Pull, Trap Shoot, Tug of War, Victory Female (5.5"), Volleyball Female, Volleyball Male, Volleyball Flame, Volleyball 3 Star Spinner, Volleyball Wreath Action Male, Volleyball Wreath Action Female, Volleyball Wreath Action Coed, Water Polo, Weightlifter, Wrestling Wreath, Wrestler

  • Product Type : Plaque
  • Height :7.00in
  • Width :2.75in
  • Length :5.75in
  • Weight :1.50lbs
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